Getting Closer

Well, it was hot today, too, but I spent much of the day in the garden nevertheless. Although it was terribly inefficient since I moved so slowly in the heat. But if I don't do the work, it won't get done. I should post some photos of the years T said he'd take care of the garden as a reminder.

Today I planted nine sweet potatoes, one basil, five bell peppers, four marigolds, one cherry tomato, and four bush tomatoes. Plus I mulched everything that's been planted so far. I planted one of the mints on a pot, and decided to put the bush cucumber in the other large pot. My gardening book suggested that, for ornamental value.

The only seedlings still out are two types of squash, zucchini, dill, and oregano, plus the other mint. I thought I bought two kinds of mint, but I fell for marketing, the packaging was different but the mint is the same. I might go ahead and put the other mint plant directly on my mint hill, or somewhere else it will have room to roam.

The squash all need lots of space, but the garden is filling up. I'll have to move some bricks and even out a large new bed before I can plant them, and I really had no more energy today. I'm not sure if I'll have room to sow the radishes or ornamental seeds. I just got them because T had me worried I wouldn't have enough seedlings to fill this garden and I wasn't in the mood to plant a non-decorative cover crop. Although the type of clover he's got in the garlic patch is pretty, I'd use that again. If I run out of room for the seeds in the kitchen garden, I'll scatter them in the formal garden. I think the perennials are pretty well full in there, but they are spaced for their full size, so this year there is room for annuals to grow between them. And if they reseed, all the better.