Internet Shopping

While the Internet allows you to purchase just about anything you can imagine from all over the world, which is good, sometimes the amount of check is overwhelming, which is bad. I read an entire book about the downside of consumer choice (titled "The Paradox of Choice" I think).

T has been bugging me to go back to roasting our own green coffee beans. I used to do this back before we had kids. Yes, I had a lot more free time then. But I think this time around I might be able to train him how to roast the beans, since he's the one who says that the normal beans I buy just aren't exciting his pallette anymore. As far as I'm concerned, as long as the caffeine excites my ability to stay awake then I'm satisfied. While our local Whole Foods has an extensive selection of coffee beans, they are all already roasted. T has it in his head that the beans will be better fresh-roasted. It's true that the oils and whatnot begin to dissipate immediately after roasting, but is it enough for the average person to notice? I'm not sure. Regardless, I went to my online green coffee bean supplier and told T to pick out what he wanted. But he couldn't do it. When faced with over a hundred bean varieties, he froze. So I let him off the hook and said I'd select some.

I also decided, while I was in the internet-shopping mood, to get some Go Vino wine glasses. I heard a review of them on the radio before Christmas (a segment on wine-related gifts) and still remember them. Plus, T has broken another one or two of my regular wine glasses since then, so I am running low. These are made of some new material that is shatterproof, yet retains a lot of tasting characteristics of crystal. Whatever that means. They had me at "shatterproof". The more sturdy table and stemware I use, the more I can let W help when he wants to unload the dishwasher. I sincerely hope his helpful phase lasts a long time, since it's more fun for me to have a little buddy helping me with all the mundane household stuff. It's so cute how excited he gets about it all.

Anyway, there are only three models of these Go Vino glasses, so it was easy to just pick one. But the profusion of sites offering them was the confusing part. Fortunately, I think the Google "shop" search is pretty good, and after reviewing what was there, I made the choice to pay an extra $3 (including shipping) to get them direct from the manufacturer. I did check their site to see if there was a local distributor, but the nearest was up in NoVA. I just ordered a set of 4, but if I like them I might get more, and retire my remaining glass ones until the kids are older. But it will totally be nice to have these plastic ones for summer, so I can use them down at hammock camp.