Nail Fascination

I'm making progress on my nail polish elimination project. My friend Cate was visiting for the weekend, so we both did our nails. She found two colors that needed to be tossed due to age, and I found one color that I still like.

After a few days of wear, a few of my nails were starting to wear thin at the tips, which is usual. But this morning I read all about different techniques for using multiple colors on your nails, I think it was in Glamour magazine. So I did a French manicure sort of thing, but rather than pale pink with white tips (traditional), I used the original bronze-y pink color I have on, and added a darker pink tip.

This is not some brand new technique, I've seen the lighter nails with darker tips in photos for years now, but can you believe it, I don't think I've ever tried it myself in my whole life. And guess what? I'm liking it. Perhaps it suits me because I didn't use wildly contrasting colors, but rather ones that coordinate nicely. But for now on, I will consider adding contrasting tips to my polish repertoire. Certainly this season when patterned nails are all the rage. At least in the magazines they are. Can't say that I've noticed the trend on fingernails around town in Crozet, but maybe it's happening, I don't get out much so I am I to be sure?