All Seedlings Planted

The trumpet player was late for his session yesterday, so T watched the kids for 45 minutes while I prepared another bed and got the last of the seedlings planted (dill and more mint).

My radishes have sprouted already, it's pretty amazing how fast that happened. The carrots seem to be up, too, although either not as high a percentage germinated as the radishes, or some are still not yet sprouted. T said he had a difficult time growing carrots.

The insects have been hard at work eating the leaves of my baby plants, but I have been smushing them and their eggs by hand for the past week. Yesterday I picked up some organic insecticidal soap to make my life a little easier.

I'll probably just sow the flower seeds that I have back in the formal garden since it's a bit late to be planting the varieties I got. Or save them for next year. Next time I'm in a seed shop I'll take a look to see if there are any fast-growing kinds that I can plant in May.