Festival of Culture and Trucks

W sure does like trucks. Cville had a Festival of Culture downtown today, and I thought it would be something interesting to show the boys. We arrived in time to catch some of the Klezmer band performance. I enjoyed it, but W wanted to keep his distance due to his aversion to loud music. I also enjoyed seeing all the old ladies dressed up in native dress from around the world, they seemed to be just out and about enjoying watching the music and dancing like everyone else so I wasn't sure if they were " official" participants or just enthusiastic attendees. Some little kids were also in native attire, very cute.

But W did not express the slightest bit of interest or curiosity toward any of the cultural stuff. He did express delight at all the cars and trucks parked nearby.

When we first arrived downtown, I parked in a slightly different location than I usually do, so we walked through Court Square on the way to Lee Park. W said he liked the neighborhood. When Iasked what he liked about it, he said he liked all the cars and trucks parked along the street! Considering we have a sedan, a sports car, an SUV, a pickup truck, and two types of tractor parked here on the farm, it wouldn't have occurred to me that he felt car-deprived. But there was certainly an even greater number and variety parked downtown. In lieu of tractors there were various police vehicles for a novelty factor.

Once we left the culture fest, I took the boys to the city market. I didn't buy anything, but did get the contact info for several farms out here in western Albemarle and Nelson county where I could get local pastured meat. I'm not keen on vegetarianism, but I don't like factory-farmed meat, either. The local farms keep generally smaller herds that are easier to manage humanely. One farm even has a drop- off point at a vineyard near here, so I'll probably subscribe to a share of their meat. W didn't pay any attention to what the vendors were selling, but gave an excited litany of the vehicle at each stand. A pickup truck! A blue van! A delivery truck! A truck with a trailer!

He's got the types of vehicles down cold, I think I'll start getting him to be more specific, learning to identify makes (and models, if I can tell myself). I can only presume this fascination with cars is a genetic gift from his father. T is also pretty obsessed with cars. I remember he spent months trying to decide if he wanted a Lotus Esprit or a Maserati. He was going to spend his big Sungard bonus on a dream car. But in the end he decided he'd rather have a few more years of retirement, and just stuck with his RX7, which hasn't moved in years.

Nevertheless, I'll continue to take the boys on excursions that interest me, just in case they show a spark of interest in something new. It's bound to happen at some point, right?