Max's First Steps

I can't tell you much about M's first steps, since I didn't see them. T reported the milestone to me. He said that he was holding M's hands, then let go and backed up a step, then M took two steps toward him before starting to stumble.

I've seen M take stumbling steps before, so I quizzed T, but he said that he did have a few steps that were clearly under control before he started stumbling. So good for Max! I'm sure I'll witness some steps for myself soon. I've certainly been on the lookout since he cruises very confidently now, and stands up anytime he can grab ahold of anything to hang onto. I started putting him in shoes last week since he's standing so much. Although I bought him a size 3 pair of sandals several weeks back because it was convenient to get them, but when he wore them yesterday I noticed he had already outgrown them! I found a pair of size 4 sandals in W's room, so we got through today with shoes. We got those as a gift but they were too small for W when we received them, and couldn't be returned since we didn't have a branch of the store in Cville.

I think I didn't start putting shoes on W until he was a size 5 (I found several pairs in that size). But M has been progressing through motor skills sooner than W did, so it makes sense that his feet are smaller.

Tomorrow is a shopping day, but I don't think I'll be anywhere where I can get new shoes for M, so he'll have to make do with sandals until Thursday.