When I inspected the garden yesterday, I noticed that one of my tomatoes had died. So I yanked it out, and had a hole in the row.

Today I ran into my favorite nursery and asked for recommendations to fill the hole. I already had peppers and eggplant, but then the lady suggested okra. She asked if I liked okra. I kind of made a face, but I said I'm interested in giving it a try. So I bought a 4-pack and planted one in the tomato row, and three behind the strawberries. T and I like fried okra, at least. I suspect it might be one of those vegetables that are often prepared badly, but if it's cooked well then it's good. I have a notion that there are lots of ways to prepare it (pickled, etc), but I have no experience cooking it, really, so my notion might be unfounded. I don't even recall it being mentioned during my cooking class, and we covered lots of food back then.

I have a cookbook that is just for vegetables, so i'll look there for ideas. I have some time to think about this, of course, before it's time to harvest.