Max's 10th and 11th Months

Still struggling to keep up with my self-imposed monthly virtual baby-book entry. So here's two months at once.

I think the most memorable thing about Max's tenth month was that he started to climb. I forget the day he first stood on his own (for the official baby book I'll have to do a search on this blog to see if I mentioned it, I'm pretty sure I did), but I do remember that it was during month ten that he first climbed up he stairs on his own. He crawled, of course, but shot up very confidently. And if he ever crawls past the bottom of the stairs while our safety gate is open, look out, because he takes those rare opportunities to tear up he stairs as fast as he can. He hasn't fallen down he stairs yet, but I attribute that to his lack of opportunity. Mostly, I carry him for expediency. W crawled up and down more on his own once he started, because I was weaker back then and preferred to take the extra time rather than carry him. But in the past few years I've gained upper-body strength, so it's not such a big deal to tote Max around.

I'd say the biggest thing in the 11th month has been the continuation of climbing. M climbs up EVERYTHING. He can scramble up the sofa and would plummet over the top if I let him. He climbs up stairs, ladders, bricks, chairs. I remember W took the longest time learning to sit in a chair on his own. M has it down cold. Any chair, any time. I am continually flabbergasted at how high M gets whenever I turn my back for a moment. The kid doesn't walk, but he'll crawl vertically. Like a baby spiderman.

While he's not walking properly, he did take his first steps recently. I got him his first "official" pair of shoes yesterday. I went ahead and got him a fancy leather pair from a kids' shoe store just like they recommend in the parenting magazines. I didn't bother with W, he started out in discount shoes. But I guess I was feeling a little bad that M lives in so many more hand-me-downs, that I was in the mood to get him fancy baby shoes. For the record, I think he media is just hyping the "proper" shoes. I think W has fared just fine in the $8-$14 sneakers or whatever. $40+ for baby shoes still seems awfully gratuitous to me. But I was feeling indulgent on Thursday. I got an anodized pink eyelash curler for myself that day, so there you go.

M no longer eats whatever you put in front of him. Some days he likes x, other days he won't touch it. But I wouldn't call him a picky eater. He'll eat just about anything, you just have to catch him in the mood for it. Lately, I think bananas are his favorite. He's gone off the braised carrots. He still likes eggs a lot. Actually, he likes eggs better than bananas. Prepared any way, he likes them all. And sweet potatoes. He loves those, too.

I'm not sure of his current height or weight, but I did weigh him at ten months, and he was 18 pounds, 15 ounces.