Garlic Chives & Wind Chime

Yesterday I planted the garlic chive seeds in a pot. I didn't have a very good space to plant a patch, and with pots I can plant some fresh every few weeks. I bought a wind chime for the garden when I was shopping on Thursday, so tonight I hung it up.

The kids went to bed relatively early, so I went out to work in the garden this evening. It's so much nicer once the sun has gone behind the mountains, rather than when it's beating down on you! I finished the entire area for the wine barrel composter, and rolled it into place. That allowed me to mulch the adjacent area also, and now that I've bricked an access path through there I could put in a few more plants. I'll have to think about that, though. Once that was done, I pulled the post hole digger out and made a hole for the post for the wind chime. I was going to use a 2x2 and add a bracket, but I found an old branch with the tip going out like a bracket itself. Plus, it was shorter than the 2x2, which I would have had to cut. The branch was superior in every way, so I used it. I put in a little wood screw to hold the wind chime hook securely, rather than just hooking it over the stick loosely.

I bought some beet seeds today, in preparation for the bed that will materialize once T finishes the wheelbarrow path out through the arbor. I've given up finding the seed packet of beets that W misplaced while playing with it. I bought the new seeds from the local hardware store in bulk, so 1/4 ounce was only $.55.