Why Do People Like Vera Bradley Bags?

Rue La La had a Vera Bradley boutique sale today, and it's practically sold out after only one hour. But I just don't get it. Why do people like those quilted bags?

If you're unfamiliar with them, they are handbags, duffles, and totes made from extremely busy calico print fabric that has been quilted. They are typically sold in boutiques, the type of shop you see in upscale touristy areas. They're not particularly expensive, but they are at least double what you would find an extraordinarily similar bag going for at a craft show.

But I think they are ugly. Almost every style, every print. It's not just that they aren't my style (they so aren't), but I just don't understand how they can be anyone's style. The only thing I can envision is using a tote as a diaper bag. In a pastel print it could make a cute diaper bag if you wanted something cutesy but not with little animals printed on it.

Is it old women buying them? I've found that old women seem to really like walls with stenciled designs painted on them, and I don't understand that, either. Is it the same sort of thing? Does it remind them of some sort of aesthetic from their youth that they are nostalgic for, something that went "out" before I was born and so have no appreciation of? Let me know if anyone out there has a theory, or better yet has the hard, cold, anecdotal truth.