Paid Blogger!

Finally, after nine years of having my own website, I've monetized it. Every quarter I get an email saying that my referral fees have not exceeded the $10 minimum to cash out, but when I glanced at this quarter's email, I didn't see that line! So I logged in to my account, and lo and behold, I finally earned enough from click-throughs to get paid!

I'm glad I had this set up to get paid by money added to my Amazon account, because I'm not sure I'd be motivated to run right to the bank to deposit a check for $12 and it would wind up languishing in a drawer until it expired, I'm sure. Or my son W would run off with it and I wouldn't find it until months later (which is why I didn't cash a rather large check for about four months-- he had put a handful of unopened mail in his toybox when he was playing postman this winter, and I found it this spring. . .).

Anyway, this is my earning history for anyone wondering how profitable this blog is:

Date Transaction Amount Bal.
4/3/2003 2003 Quarter 1 Referral Fees $0.05 $0.05
10/9/2005 2005 Quarter 3 Referral Fees $1.14 $1.19
3/2/2011 01/2011 Advertising Fees $2.40 $3.59
5/2/2011 03/2011 Advertising Fees $0.20 $3.79
6/2/2011 04/2011 Advertising Fees $1.81 $5.60
10/2/2011 08/2011 Advertising Fees $0.48 $6.08
12/2/2011 10/2011 Advertising Fees $0.60 $6.68
2/2/2012 12/2011 Advertising Fees $1.51 $8.19
3/2/2012 01/2012 Advertising Fees $1.05 $9.24
5/2/2012 03/2012 Advertising Fees $3.21 12.45
5/26/2012 Payment by Gift Certificate -12.45 $0.00

Not exactly raking in the six-figure income and rooms full of free products that dedicated "mommy" bloggers are purported to pull in.

Nevertheless, for the effort of putting those little Amazon referral links on some of my review pages, I have earned enough to buy an e-book or two for my Kindle.

Thank you, blog readers, for clicking on my links and buying things. Maybe actually accruing the $10 minimum will inspire me to get my act together and write a few MORE reviews. I used to write reviews all the time, I think I made some money on epinions back in the day when the interwebs were new. Now I prefer to rest when I have a moment to myself instead of write. I don't think I even update my "life" blog as much now as I did pre-children.

Speaking of rest, T is downstairs jamming with a guitarist they are auditioning, and W is hanging out with the musicians. M is taking an afternoon nap, and I'd better lie down and get some rest myself if I'm going to be able to go out "clubbing" tonight. Hahahahahahahaha! We do plan on going out to hear some live music around town, and have a sitter lined up, but we'll be home by midnight and it is excruciatingly unlikely that there will be any dancing involved. I was just being ironic.