I had a doctor appointment today, and T has to work late for his band tonight, so we reconfigured our schedules. He said he would take the kids during the day, and I would do their baths and bedtime. Which I readily agreed to. But then I realized that on his list of things to do was his bass lesson, which was at 3pm. So I asked him how he was going to switch roles with me, when he had to leave the house at 2:30pm, not 6pm, which is when he usually comes downstairs to eat dinner and see the kids.

Well, he didn't plan to switch to the extent that he had the kids for eight hours to my two, he just meant that he'd take them for a little more time than my actual doctors appointment would take, to make up for not being able to relieve me in the evening. I see.

Nevertheless, I did have one hour before the appointment and one hour after of free time, so I used it to try on clothes. I've gone clothes shopping with the boys in tow, but it's difficult. Since my time was limited, I was very focused and stuck to activewear.

A lot of my exercise clothes are for cold weather, since in previous years I basically didn't exercise much through the summer. But now I go out jogging several times per week, and could use some dedicated jogging clothes. Fortunately, my trip was successful. I got a few pieces in "performance" fabrics that shouldn't hold sweat like plain cotton. I will try them tomorrow morning to see if they make a big difference to me or not. If not, I'll just get a few more pair of cotton shorts from SAMs club since they are cheaper and have been fine so far.

I also got a few things to wear while hanging out with the kids here on the farm. Things I don't intend to wear in public, but will keep me from looking like a homeless person to Terry. I feel bad since one of my favorite summer dresses has been worn through two post-partums and one pregnancy, and is not only threadbare but also stretched out of proportion. I really need to retire it (and a few other items in similar condition but still in rotation due to lack of alternatives). So now I've got some short-shorts and a bikini and other loungewear that will be comfortable for chasing the kids around the house, walking to the mailbox, supervising playing in the sprinkler, etc. I suspect that some husbands are wildly attracted to their wives no matter what they wear, but I also suspect that MOST wives would do well to remember to keep themselves up. T is definitely more attentive when I wear cute outfits and style my hair then when I am having a stereotypical frazzled housewife day. And while it was difficult for me to feel "cute" after having a baby, now that I've lost the baby weight (well, from the most recent baby at any rate), I'm more enthusiastic about putting forth some effort.

And I'm looking forward to mixing my new pieces in with my existing repertoire of workout clothes. It will be nice to wear things that have not been all stretched out from wearing them through a pregnancy, and that match. Maybe it will even help me feel like, gasp, an athlete. I'm hoping that just looking the part will motivate me to do a little more, add some sit-ups and push-ups to my workout with more regularity than happens now.