Max's Haircut

I clipped a lock of M's hair several weeks ago when I cut his hair for the first time. But back then, I just snipped a bit above his ears. On Wednesday, I gave him a proper haircut all over his head.

I like the idea of not cutting a baby's hair, enjoying its silky fineness while it lasts. Except in reality I got annoyed with his long hair. I had started getting comments like, "oh! What an adorable baby. . .girl?" when I went out. Also, when I kissed his head, I'd get a mouthful of hair since it really just went everywhere. So I left it pretty much as-is on top, but took all the length off the sides and back. I used scissors so I'm not exactly sure of the length (versus clippers, where I set the length exactly), but I estimate I took it down to about 1/2".

I'm so glad I did. Max looks slightly less baby-ish now, but he's more handsome in my eyes. I also gave W a summer haircut, and I think he's more handsome with a short cut, too. I'm not sure if they look objectively cuter with neat haircuts, because I see now that it's just clearly my own personal preference in men.

While I recently lamented that long weekends weren't one of the perks of motherhood, choosing your kids' haircuts is. At least for a few years, so I'm taking full advantage.