We'll Use A Crane to Put Money In

W broke our dustpan today. It wasn't an ordinary dustpan, which would be more difficult to break, but one on a stick so you could move it without bending over. It was part of a matched set I got with a short broom. I had to get a short broom because W insisted on sweeping the floor, and I feared for every possession in the house when he tried to manage the broom with the full- length handle.

T was lecturing W tonight on the consequences of his breaking our dustpan. He told W that he was going to have to buy a new one, and what did W think T would need to buy a new one? W answered correctly, "money." T asked him where he was going to get the money, and W said, "the bank." But then T asked where he would get the money if there wasn't any in the bank. And that's when W suggested that they use a crane, and fill the bank with money.

Where would he get such an idea? T knew exactly-- in W's bathroom there was an illustration in the copy of Institutional Investor magazine of exactly that. I guess W surmised that if a picture of using a crane to fill a bank with money was in Institutional Investor magazine, it must be what people do.

Also in the magazine was a photo of an English businessman. W asked if his business was making English muffins. Since English muffins are the only "English" thing W has heard of, does he think there is an entire nation of people who do nothing but manage the world supply of breakfast bread? The mind of a 3 year old is a charmingly literal thing.