First Harvest of the Season

I harvested the first plant from my garden yesterday! Terry and I enjoyed some fresh radish in our salad last night! They were very mild. I will make some dough tonight and bake a fresh loaf in the morning so we can have some more radishes the French way-- sliced thin on buttered bread. An open-faced radish sandwich.

There is a little yellow squash on the vine, but it's only about 3" long. I will hold out until its 5 or 6 inches before I harvest it. There are lots of unripe cherry tomatoes, and the regular tomato plants are getting large although I haven't looked closely for fruit yet.

My peppers and eggplant are still small and pathetic. I will fertilize them and see if that helps. The sweet potato plants are vigorous. The herbs are doing generally well, although the dill is still anemic. The okra is still small, but it was planted later than everything else.

T still hasn't fixed the entrance path to the garden, so I don't have a place to plant the beets like I thought I would. I'll have to look into it and see if I can plant late for a fall crop.

I lost the cucumber plant. I may try planting another seedling, or I might just rely on farmers markets. Although I don't specifically recall seeing any picking cucumbers for sale in prior years. I might make some strategic inquiries among my neighbors with gardens. I might get some luck and find a gardener with a bumper crop but no time to pickle. Or at least enough extra cucumbers to share. You never know.