Homemade Cotton Candy

Wow. It is insanely easy to make cotton candy at home with my new cotton candy maker.

It arrived in an unmarked brown box, so I thought I could keep it secret from T for a little while. Nope. After he carried it in from the car, he asked me, "Why does William think there is a cotton candy maker in this box?" "Because there is a cotton candy maker in that box." Instead of giving me a lecture, he got a look of awe and wonder and asked, "Really?" "Yup." So that went better than I expected.

I managed to avoid using it while the kids were running around, but T left for band practice (they have night practices at the singer's house since she has no kids) and after they fell asleep I wandered downstairs, and there it was, the magic machine.

I wrote a review of it already. I'm really happy with this purchase, despite the additional room I will have to find to store the machine. I'll be sure to get a variety of hard candies when I go out shopping on Thursday. . .