Starting the Reorg

We've owned this home for nine years now, and it is seriously in need of reorganization. It probably wasn't too bad for the first six years, but in 2009 we sold our NJ apartment, bringing much of the contents down here. Which I probably could have managed had
I not been nine months pregnant with William at the time. So that stuff was already taking up space just at the same time we were accumulating baby stuff.

Now that I have TWO kids, and stuff for FOUR people in the house, I can no longer get by with just squirreling stuff away in random places. There are few random places left. I MUST start getting rid of stuff.

I spent most of the eight hours the sitter worked this week doing taxes for our LLC. But I did set aside a half hour to work on my closet, which was a disaster zone. It certainly didn't get fully cleaned and organized in 30 minutes (although someone more efficient thaI might have gotten it done), but I was pleasantly surprised with the progress I made in that short amount of time.

So I am now setting a goal for myself to organize the house in small chunks of time, rather than in marathon sessions. Tonight I went through one drawer in my bathroom vanity. I didn't finish, but at least I got started, and made some progress. I'm not sure whether I'm going to aim to make incremental improvements everywhere first, before
going back for a second pass through, or if I'll stick with one location until it's done. Actually, I've already started down the path, haven't I? Rather than continue to organize my closet, I moved on to the bathroom drawer.

Today i bought some bins specifically to fit in the playroom shelving unit that T built. W is old enough to sort his toys now. So I'll have to draw pictures or something to stick on each bin so he'll know what goes where. I will go back and get three more bins to match next week.