Max's First Birthday

We celebrated Max's first birthday in an extremely low-key way. Originally I had conceived of making a birthday cake of "stairs" with a baby crawling up them since climbing is the thing Max seems to love most. But I didn't have a cake pan for mini-loaves, so I opted to just go with a regular cake rather than postpone the affair in order to get a new pan.

After we all sang Happy Birthday and had the cake (and Max had an early bath), Max opened his present. He loved it. I got him a play flip-phone. Then we went outside to play for a while. He crawled all over the park and down to the playhouse, and spent a long time just going in and out of the house, exploring it all over. I only called him back to me when he started crawling through the greenery behind the playhouse, since he could easily get lost back there. All the outdoor activity wore him out so much he didn't even want to eat dinner (although he probably got all the calories he needed with the cake at 4pm, albeit without the nutrients. . .), and he was asleep before 6:30pm.

I didn't even get a chance to mark his height on the growth board, but I'll do that tomorrow.

We still haven't quite worked out the photos on this blog, but I posted some online, hopefully this link will work for everyone! Email me if it doesn't. . .