Max's Twelfth Month

Ah, I guess I can enter this month on time! But I'm not sure that there is very much to enter. M still has the same eight teeth he's had for a while now. His gums have been a bit swollen in the back, the molars might be on their way, but I can't feel them when I massage his gums. I'll check his height and weight tomorrow.

Max continues to take a few steps now and then, but he has not really started walking in the true sense of the word. But he still climbs! He climbs like nobody's business. At the playground, he'll crawl right over to the stairs and be up on the top level in a flash. I've really got to work to keep up with him! No poking and prodding and encouraging M to give the climbing a try. Most playground slides are still too much for him to do on his own, but once in a while I'll hold him as he goes down. He likes being on the baby swings.

Just a few days ago, M started to point at things. I'm not sure how well he's communicating, though, since sometimes it's not clear to me what exactly he's pointing at, or why. But if I can discern it, I'll say something like, "That's a frying pan. Max is pointing at a frying pan."

He generally takes only one nap per day now. Sometimes two shorter naps, it really depends on our schedule. Luckily for me, bedtime is usually easy. Our "routine" is that as soon as we've finished dinner (usually before 6pm), T gives him his bath, and I'm waiting for him with lullabies on for his nighttime nurse. Max nurses, then falls asleep, and I transfer him to his own bed. And he generally stays asleep through the evening. Overnight there are still issues. The worst are the nights he wakes up at 5am. I don't feed him in the morning before 6am (and I prefer later, if possible), but if he wakes up at five sometimes it is difficult to get him back to sleep. Sometimes he wakes up at 1 or 2 am. Sometimes this is gas, other times I can't figure out why he's up. If I can get him back to sleep quickly at this point, he'll usually sleep the rest of the night, but if he's fussy and hard to get to sleep, then I'm in for a long night of fussiness.

William sleeps soundly most nights now (although not every night), so at least I can count on getting a good night's sleep sometime by mid-2014.