The $40 Nap

It really wasn't that expensive, but T and I were joking about it. The boys' regular babysitter comes over to watch them two afternoons per week now that school is out, and today was one of her days. T can do whatever he wants during the day while I watch the kids, but my options are far more limited when the kids are with me. So the sitter is primarily for my benefit, so I can get things done during the day that would be impossible with two kids underfoot.

When MA (the sitter) showed up today, I had a whole list of things I wanted to get done. But I was so tired that I knew I'd better start the afternoon off with a nap. So I handed the screaming children off and went upstairs to lie down. T must have stayed up late last night, since he also came in to take a nap. I set the alarm for 40 minutes so I would still be able to get some stuff done, but when the alarm went off, neither of us wanted to get up right away.

Instead, we lay there reminiscing about the good old days when we could just stay in bed all afternoon if we wanted. When we were first married, we would lounge around in bed for most of the day on Saturdays, especially if the weather was bad. We'd read the paper, watch TV, drink coffee. Aaah. We were definitely relaxed back then, but I also remember as the childless years dragged on and on, that all that free time could be boring and unfulfilling. So although our ability to relax free from responsibility has a literal cost now, it's not like we need to do this all the time. Just once in a while is fine. The rest of the time, we enjoy having little boys to take care of. They keep us from being bored. We might be frazzled, sleep-deprived, annoyed, or delighted, amused, and charmed, but in general, we are very rarely bored.