No Nap Today, Finished The Mending

Because T is abandoning the family for the day at 2:30pm (he is going directly from his guitar lesson to practice with his band and won't be back until late night), he offered to watch the kids for me this morning to make up for him not being able to do their bedtime routine.

I decided to work on the sewing room today, and as I was putting things away, I discovered a lot of items that needed to be mended. I'm not sure how long it's been since I last sat down and mended clothes, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were over six months. I think I mended one pair of pants, three pairs of shorts, and a pillow. Plus I determined two pairs of T's jeans were in such hopeless condition that they were beyond repair, so they went in the denim pile. I'm accumulating old jeans in order to make a denim quilt with frayed edge squares.

I also found a business card for some custom cabinet makers. I called them to see if I could get a ballpark quote on the china cabinet that I want, but they said I need to send them a sketch. That's reasonable, but it means I have to actually make a sketch. I might attempt that tonight. If I get the kids asleep by a reasonable time it's possible I'll still have the energy to do it. Or at least to get started.

We hired our neighbor's college-aged son to design the plans for a bridge over the stream near our pond. He's studying engineering, and did a good job looking up all the local building codes and requirements. Plus he called the local lumberyard and priced out all the materials we'd need. When he went over everything with us yesterday, I determined that it would be best to go over the narrower part of the stream further away from the pond, because here new path from the house will be near there and it will connect directly to the deck we plan to build back there. I planned the deck to be about 20 feet or so from the pond, because that's where the shade is. I'm so fair-skinned, that I've gotta have shade as much as possible.

While we originally thought of building the bridge closer to the pond, it turned out that it's a 24' span there, versus a 17' span in the alternate location. But in the alternate location there is a height difference between the shorelines, which is why it only makes sense to connect the bridge directly to the deck, since it will be up several feet on that side. Which means that instead of doing this project in bits, well have to build the bridge and deck all at once.

But since I caught M actually trying to climb up the unsecured china cabinet today, getting the new one installed is a top priority. Way more necessary than the party deck out by the pond.