Registration Is Official

There was a processing glitch on the day of registration for the four-mile race, so technically I was just put on the waitlist last Saturday. But today I got the email with my registration code and was able to complete the process online, so now I'm officially registered. This will be interesting. I'm not sure if I will make a Facebook status update about this or not. Registering for my first race is kind of a milestone for me personally, but it seems pretty routine for a lot of people, and I know I would find it dull I'd everyone who ran in a race posted when they registered. I don't mind reading about how they did, though, and I do take some inspiration from looking at the photos. I especially appreciate the ones that people post where they look just awful. If I thought everyone finished the race looking fresh and beautiful, then I probably wouldn't have bothered to enter. So thank you, all you spouses who took photos of your wives and then posted them because you were proud of them without regard to how flattering the photo was. Know that you have played a small role in my decide to give racing a try.