Some Photos From Our Trip

Here's a link to the Google+ album.

We spent most of the time at various playgrounds around town. I had planned a big trip to the Children's Museum for our last full day here (today), but Will spoiled that plan. He had a tantrum and threw T's new ipad across the room. Then when W was punished, he retaliated by later dumping out my coffee onto the kitchen table. So no treats for W. I might have taken M anyway, except that he fell asleep shortly after T returned from a morning errand, and by the time he woke up it didn't make sense to traipse all the way uptown for that.

Instead, I just took the boys to a nearby park in the afternoon. I got to sit in the shade and have a nice chat with a sitter who is a writer and actress while the boys played. Little Max fearlessly climbed all over the playset intended for 5-12 year olds. Unfortunately, that meant I had to follow him closely on the upper level, since there were openings over 6' off the ground where the big kids could go down poles or whatnot, but that M could just fall straight to the ground if he lost his balance walking near there. But that was only a short part of the time we were there, mostly M stayed near the ground where I could let him walk or crawl freely.