More Storm Damage

This photo situation is a chafe. I just put a few storm damage photos in a folder for summer 2012. How many @#$ albums must I maintain at google+? I can't wait until T comes up with a better solution for me. Anyway, here's the link.

I just went down to the pond for the first time since the storm. I was shocked at the size of the tree that was down. But nothing fell into the pond, and my raft only blew 12 feet to the other side of the beach. But it's sad that such a large hardwood fell over. It provided a lot of shade, and was the perfect spot for my hammock. Which was still attached to the tree next to it, which also came down.

I'll have to reimagine hammock camp. The original location will no longer be shady enough, I fear. But this is ok, since nothing had been built out yet. And it might even be more convenient, since we determined that the bridge would have to be moved further away due to the bank contours, so now it makes sense to have the hammocks closer to where the bridge will be.

I've got a sitter here now, and I'm catching up on some work. I've already got a guy scheduled to come out to take a look at the bay window (the one that got blown in) so we can get a quote for remodeling that. It was on our to-do list, but we now have added incentive to pull the trigger. T also gave me the go-ahead to hire someone to build the back deck. He finally concedes that he will not have time this summer, and he feels confident that his new company, ChartIQ will make some money so he doesn't mind spending a little to get stuff done. Thank goodness. My grill looks so forlorn sitting unused in the garage. I'm eager to fire it up. I miss the taste of hickory smoke in my meat.

I wonder what type of tree it was that came down. Maybe I'll take a few large limbs and make a lifetime supply of charcoal for my grill. . .