Making Progress

At least I've made some phone calls. Which is progress. I've got a contractor coming out to take a look at the bay window, and I'm going to aim to print out my plans for the back deck before he arrives.

I also called a tree guy, who will hopefully swing out here to take a look at what's necessary sometime this week. He says he's mostly caught up on his backlog, and actual work could be just 2-3 weeks out. Which is ok.

And I called the furniture guy before we left to NYC, and took a few measurements with me on vacation, but I didn't get around to finalizing my design for the china cabinet. Maybe this week. But I think I'll print up the deck first-- I did that on my computer a few years back when T first said he wanted to do it himself. I thought of a few tweaks in the meantime, but the major drawings are done.