Band Practice (Video)

The band name is Liz Fitz Darcy (I'm not a huge fan of the name, but since I'm not in the band I apparently don't get a vote). Usually they set up out on the back porch, but since it was over 100F on Sunday, they set up in the parlor. It's not too crowded since a bass player, a guitar player, and a violinist are missing for this practice.

The band is finally getting to the point where they are playing entire songs through. Which is not to say they have finalized the arrangements; I hear them discussing where to add a bridge or repeat a verse and whatnot.

I was telling T that band practice is less annoying now that they are actually playing songs through. Before, they would just play phrases, and be experimenting with different chord progressions or lyrics or whatever, and it was awful to listen to. Now it's ok. Although it still doesn't sound like there is a concert going on in my house, which is how I imagined band practice would sound. But they'll get there.