Egg Caviar Potato Chips For Dinner

I had to get milk on the way home from church today, and Foods of All Nations is the most convenient grocery on the way home. I'm only in there maybe once a month, but I always use the occasion to pick up something I couldn't get at my usual weekly stops. Today was caviar. I felt like getting it for my eggs.

But I was feeling a little ornery from being cooped upstairs with Max during band practice, so I decided to have some caviar this evening as a pick-me-up. I had some potatoes, so I sliced one thin and baked some potato chips. But I only bake them to avoid splatters, I still use plenty of oil so they taste good and crispy. Then I went ahead and scrambled eggs to put on top. Then they get finished with a dollop of caviar. So good. I love cooking at home, because I can just make for myself an entree-sized portion of the appetizer. The one potato made enough chips that I gave all the departing band members a fancy chip, plus T and the boys. But then I ate the remainder as my dinner. And you know what? It worked. I feel far less ornery about the band situation.

And there is still plenty of caviar left over for my morning eggs.