Max's Month 13

This month Max has been walking and teething. While he took his first steps before his first birthday, he didn't start really walking until later in the week after he turned 1.

But ever since then, it's been full steam ahead, and he's amazingly competent and agile compared to W at the same age. While M loves to walk, he's not so keen on teething. And he's been getting all his 1-year molars in, so it's big teeth cutting through. His gums were swollen in those places for a while so I knew the molars were en route. The first cut through literally during our car trip to NY-- I saw the blood in his mouth and sure enough, a sharp bit of molar was finally all the way up through the gum. That was on his lower right, and the one on the lower left cut through on the drive home. Makes for a really happy kid during a seven-hour car ride, right? The top ones came through about a week later. He also has the incisor on the upper left coming through as of yesterday.

He understands what I say very well, and can follow instructions. For example, when we came in from playing outside this morning, I told him to take off his shoes and put them on the shoe shelf. He did it. He has also taken his shoes (once removed from his feet) from the playroom and put them on the shoe shelf by the door when I requested it, which impressed me since it is in another room and not visible from where I made the request, so he couldn't have just followed my gaze to guess where I wanted him to go.

He likes to play hide and seek with William. T is the one who plays with them, but from what I can tell M doesn't do much hiding, unless it's with T. But when it's time to find W, T puts M down, and he seems to think it's great fun to toddle around looking for his brother. W doesn't hide very well, so M does get to find him on his own.

T noticed the other night that M doesn't think about things the way W does. W really thinks about things, you can almost see the wheels turning in his brain as he considers one thing or another. M just seems to intuit. It is so interesting to both of us how each boy shares so much with a different parent. As they are getting older and showing more personality, it is becoming more and more noticeable.