A Whole Basket of Laundry with No Clothes?

Good grief. Laundry has been accumulating in my basket (each person has their own basket in the laundry room) for over two weeks now. I finally took the step of carrying the basket from the laundry room into the bedroom yesterday, so today it was more convenient for me to put the clothes away.

After my post-jog shower, I decided I'd just put away clothes until I got to something I could wear. I had to do this because the clothes were stacked so high they would fall all over the place if I tried to dig through them. So I started folding and putting away clothes. I did find some panties to wear, but that was as far as I got. Layer after layer of clothes came out of that basket, but never anything I could wear! Tons of socks, jogging capris, jogging shorts, pajamas, nightgowns, underwear, a bandana, a swimsuit, some of T's clothes that had fallen in there. But no street clothes for me. It wasn't even like I was looking for something particular, just something I could wear to the grocery store later. But I got through the WHOLE BASKET and was still standing there in my underwear.

So I took the basket back to the laundry room, and emptied the dryer. Aha! THERE were all my clothes. I was able to get dressed in there, but was so *done* with folding laundry that I just left the newly filled basket in the laundry room, along with a whole garment rack full of clean clothes I already hung up. Maybe I will have the energy to put the rest of them away after I have some coffee. I'm still pretty tired from my jog, and I thought I'd be able to rest sooner than this.