Happy Birthday to Me!


Aha! I figured out how to get the photos off of google despite their efforts to make it difficult.

Last year, I had a hard time finding a single flattering photo of me to put in the family album. So this year, I've been keeping that in mind. I managed the trifecta of having reasonably done hair, makeup, and clothes for church today, so I put my foot down and made T take a few photos. He HATES taking photos, but I pestered him to do it until he got a decent one. Most were blurry. But this one turned out.

I totally need a haircut, but as for capturing an accurate image, that doesn't matter. Since having kids I frequently go way too long between haircuts. I saw some photos of Patti Hansen (Keith Richards' wife) in Vogue, and I'm totally going to try her haircut next. But my sitter is gone on vacation for a few weeks and T has been fussy about watching the kids, so I might have to wait.

I baked a cake for myself. It was delicious. Maybe one year T will actually attempt to make one for me with the boys. W will probably be able to make one by himself in another year. Well, if T helps him with the oven, that is.