Enjoying the Esoteric Sports

I've been watching the Olympics intermittently, and at random. My TiVo records everything, but since it's something like ten hours per day it also runs out of room and starts deleting things right away. So I don't worry about it, and I see what I see.

Today I watched both last night's prime time show and today's daytime events. I've gotten better at controlling the fast-forward button, so I can really fly through the programming. Today's daytime show had some interesting elements. I particularly liked the "canoe sprint". The boats looked like some sort of racing kayak, and there was one man per boat. I like how they go so fast while looking more effortless than the runners, who all look like they are straining themselves. Not that those boat races don't look like they are exerting themselves, because you can see them working hard, but they go faster the more smooth and fluid and elegant their strokes are, so I just enjoyed watching them race. It was pleasant to observe.

I also liked the BMX races. I'm not sure why I like seeing grown men on little bikes flying through the air over hills, but I really do. And I don't particularly care for other biking events. Although I saw track cycling for the first time the other day. That was well-suited to my attention span since it was just three laps, and interestingly, they take the first lap so slow as to nearly topple over. It's some sort of strategy in that event.

The daytime programming is a bit of a nuisance to wade through since it's something like seven hours with no minute-by-minute guide that I know of, so I can't just skip directly to events of interest. I have to just fast forward through it all and stop when I see something novel. As opposed to yet another heat of. . .people running fast. It is fascinating to watch the sprinters, but only for a few races at a sitting, then it becomes dull and monotonous to me. But thanks to the miracle technology of the TiVo, I need not watch anything once it becomes dull to me. Zzzzzzap, I move right along to the next event.

Still, the Olympics are rather overwhelming in their scope. SO many events, and so many iterations of each event! I suspect I am only continuing to watch so many times per week because it only happens every four years. If this happened every year I suspect I would not bother to watch it at all, the thought of it would exhaust me before I ever tuned in. I'm glad it's going on during the hottest part of summer here, sometimes I take an hour or two during the day and watch with the kids when it is too hot to play outside. Will seems to have an attention span that matches mine pretty closely, so he's happy to flip to the next sport after just watching one match, too.