Hitting Stroller Goals

I guess watching all the athletes in the Olympics has inspired me. Especially the middle-aged ones. Like the 37-year old marathoner who came in fourth. Yesterday and today I had some of my fastest stroller times, so I'm feeling pretty good as he race day draws near.

Yesterday it was cool, so I decided to try for a fast uphill mile, and finished in 13:32, my best stroller time so far in that direction. Today, I tried the slow and steady approach, and was able to jog the entire mile uphill without stopping, even the steep hill at the end. Interestingly, my time was slower than yesterday (14:30 vs 13:32) even though I didn't walk at all. Noting this, for the return measured mile, I alternated running fast for as long as I could, then walking 100 steps to recover. I finished that mile in 12:37, which is my best stroller time downhill to date.

I will try to stick with the run/walk regimen the rest of this week, then hopefully get a chance to run without the stroller on Saturday so I can get a sense of what kind of speed I have without the stroller.