Younger and More Vibrant

I mentioned to T how pleased I was by my improvement in running over the past month. In July when I ran my 4.21 mile route solo, I had a 14:05 pace, but today my pace was 12:42 per mile! It was my goal to be able to run the race with a 12+ minute mile, so hopefully I will be able to attain that. Although I've achieved my goal on my own route, I've never run the race route before, so I don't know if it will be more difficult than what I run out here. The hills are set up differently, so I presume that will make a difference, but I have no idea if it will be easier or harder. I'm mentally prepared for it to be more difficult, so if it is not that will be a nice race-day surprise.

Anyway, back to the main point, after I mentioned that I was jogging faster, T said, "You have definitely been looking younger, and more vibrant!". He actually said "vibrant". This is a man who doesn't notice when I get an entirely new haircut or color, so there must be a pretty significant difference for him to have noticed. He thought the change in looks was because of all the exercise, but I doubted it because I haven't lost any weight lately, nor have I really changed my workout routine. I asked, "about how long has it been since you've noticed this difference?" and he immediately replied, "about three days."

I told him that it was not due to the exercise, but to new makeup! I was very happy with his compliment, but he was puzzled why I seemed so happy when my youthful vigor was the result of makeup and not an intrinsic part of my being. Barring another pregnancy, I can't really think of anything that would give me an intrinsic flush of youth (I think it's the abundant estrogen that gives the pregnant skin a youthful glow). My skin lacks the elasticity it once had, and it's an uphill battle to exfoliate enough to keep it from looking tired. I suppose there are some treatments (that I may very well turn to once M is weaned) that will give me a youthful appearance that actually takes place at the cellular level. But while those give a physical change to the skin itself, it's still nothing as natural as what you get from diet and exercise. While I didn't spell all this out to T, I think I'm pretty close to reaping the maximum benefits I can expect from diet and exercise, looks-wise. Of course I'll look better when I lose more weight, but it's a slow process for me. I could probably benefit from more rigorous hydration, I find myself thirsty from time to time, and by the time you feel thirst you are already slightly dehydrated.

But I was very happy for his compliment because it means my new make-up IS WORKING! Makeup is what has been used over the centuries to achieve a more instant beauty than is achievable by any other means. I ran out of my last liquid foundation earlier this summer, so I've been using a mineral foundation since then. It was adequate to give me the appearance of not looking like a hag, so I was in no particular rush to get new makeup. But I was in a shopping sort of mood on Thursday, so I did a little research to choose a new foundation to try. I went with one by L'Oreal, one in their "true match" line. But rather than choosing a neutral shade, I went with a warm shade. I read in my fashion magazines that once a woman is "of a certain age" she will look better with a warmer foundation even if her undertones are cool or neutral. So that's why I tried it. And I've gotta say, it seems that the writer actually put forth some good and useful information! My husband is not in the habit of thinking I look "young" and "vibrant" and he pegged the transformation to the day I got the new makeup, so the evidence seems incontrovertible to me.

Would I be happier if I actually was young and vibrant? Sure! And I'd be happier if I had the cellulite of a 14-year old girl (ie NONE) and I wasn't so short-waisted, and if I had a longer neck. But since we don't live in a fantasy world, I'm pretty darn satisfied to be able to give the appearance of being young and vibrant. That's something!