Breast Cancer Donations

I haven't run in a foot race since high school, but this year I registered to run in the Charlottesville Women's Four-Miler. I chose this race because it seems that every woman in town has run this at least once in her life and I want to see for myself what all the hoopla is about. Plus I thought it would give me incentive to wake up early to run through the summer, which it did.

All proceeds from runner sponsorships go toward various breast-cancer programs at UVA hospital. I also haven't done any fund-raising in years (although certainly more recently than I've tried running!), but I thought I would put the request out here on the Internet. I didn't put the request on Facebook since of course people usually know many women running the race so they might not want to sponsor one in particular. But I figure if anyone is taking the time to read my blog, they might also wish to give some support. There is nothing in this for me, there is no prize for getting some minimal level of sponsorships, nor will I take any lack of participation personally.

But, if anyone is in the habit of making donations, then here is the link to the donation page. You can also read from there the sorts of things that the race sponsorships support, I believe it includes both services for women in treatment and also prevention research. If you click on the "make a donation" button, on the next screen there is a button to sponsor a runner, and once you press it you can look me up by name. Thanks in advance for your support! The race is in one week!