William Washed Dishes

We are starting homeschool-preschool a few weeks later than most kids are going back, because I want to finish the taxes first before I commit. But I have started jotting down notes and working on a schedule. I have also started cleaning up a lot more. That is supposed to be good for kids to learn as part of their routine.

Will has been slow to warm to this whole "cleaning up" thing, although there are aspects of it that he likes. Max joins in at random. Right now, I have Will carrying the dirty dishes from the dining room into the kitchen, and loading the lower rack of the dishwasher if I haven't finished before he's done. Tonight I got him to pull his stool up to the kitchen sink, and taught him to wash dishes. He thought that was fun. Alright!

He also likes to vacuum, which I do after every meal once I sweep up the huge chunks of food that Max drops. I have to sweep first, since I use a little cordless vacuum that is really only good for crumbs, but it is easier to vacuum the crumbs than to sweep them. It is lightweight enough for Will to use, so I let him do that if he's not busy with something else like putting all his toys in the playroom (they migrate to every room and I'm focused on getting them out of the kitchen and dining room when we're eating or working).

I've been writing down what time we tend to get things done, and how long it takes us to do things. This is helping me determine how to arrange things to try to standardize the schedule where I can. I think it would be good to have breakfast at the same time each day, for example, but I must choose a time hat is going to work. Right now we go downstairs at 8am, but this has been pushing the rest of our mirning back a bit too much, so I am considering going to bed earlier and starting our day earlier. Maybe 7:30. Then I'd have time for a leisurely cup of coffee while the kids played before we leave for our morning activities. But then, I'm also considering taking less time drinking coffee. I might prefer more leisure time in the afternoon.

I'm hoping to get the schedule worked out by the time the taxes are due and I'm ready to focus on preschool. W is already excited for some activities, but we didn't get to them today since he spent too much time cleaning his room (or not cleaning it, it wouldn't have taken so long if he just picked things up promptly).