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Yeah, the LLC tax returns are due on Saturday. So I'm working on them every night after the kids go to bed. It is miserable, since I work best during the day. But only on Monday did I get to do that, since our sitter was able to come in the afternoon. She's scheduled again for Friday afternoon, in case I'm not done by then. But I really hope I'm done before that! I am bummed to be missing the finales of my reality shows this week, but they are Tivo'd so at least I'm not going to miss them altogether. I don't have many friends who talk about TV, so I'm not likely to get the surprise ruined if I can watch them this weekend.

But our life is moving along in the usual fashion during the day. W had day number two of homeschool-preschool, and he chose to focus on the letter "N". He had a hard time coming up with words that start with n, since he kept naming words that started with vowels and the second letter was n (like "engine"). Understandable confusion, but I kept at him until we filled the page (I write big, so maybe six words) with correct words.

I got really mad when I got up from the table to get scissors and M climbed up to my chair and started dumping out my boxes of school supplies. And while I was keeping M out of the way while simultaneously putting everything back in their boxes, W was whining because he wanted something, some supply for his next project, I don't even remember now. But I told him there would be NO next project if he couldn't stop bugging me while I was dealing with a badly-behaved M. It's only day 2, and already I can see why I have anecdotally heard often that people have tried homeschooling, but couldn't do it because the kids drove them crazy or vice versa.

This is exactly the sort of thing you don't find out until you try. I don't intend on putting W in preschool even if I fail at my attempt to teach him this year. But he picks things up so quickly, all I might have to do is spend even LESS time on "school" so maybe it will work out. It's an experiment, for sure. I suspect even if I "un-school" him, he'll still master his letters and numbers. And I still have two years before he'd start K anyway, three years until first grade if I decide I don't want him to go to kindergarten.