Fall Gardening

I've spent the past several days working on my fall garden. There is much more room for fall platings than I originally envisioned, since cattle trampled my summer garden. It was extremely demoralizing to see the damage they wrought, not only to the plants, but also to the garden infrastructure (supports, ornaments, and paths). It took me a while to get over it, so I won't bother to rehash it now. But having been a victim of both deer and cattle now, I can assure you that deer damage, even if they eat everything in the garden, seems minor compared to cattle damage. T and I have taken some precautions to prevent further cattle incursion into my garden, even if they break free from the pasture again, which is inevitable.

On the bright side, I now have a pleasant little lettuce patch with Buttercrunch heads, leaf lettuce, and kale. I also have a large patch of garlic (separated and replanted from the bulbs that volunteered this year) and a smaller plot of shallots. I still have sage, thyme, rosemary, and parsley going strong in the garden, and a few pepper plants survived the cattle rampage.

After having the garden fully planted out this year, I've decided that it is too small to be my primary vegetable garden. I will try to have a larger space fenced and ready for next year. But it should be large enough to still be a good kitchen garden. I will plant it out formally with mostly perennial herbs, but leave room for a few vegetable plants.

Oh, I also planted some radish seeds this afternoon. I might try my luck with some lettuce seeds, but they are from leftover packets from previous years, so I don't know if they'll germinate.