Smug Too Soon

I don't know why I haven't yet learned. W had a fever several nights back. Max had a stomach bug two days ago, and a fever yesterday. I was wondering where on earth they picked up their illnesses, and feeling smug that my immune system was strong enough that I didn't get any of it.

But then yesterday I had the stomach bug. And today I had a fever. Or at least I've been sweating all day and feeling quite warm, I can't find my thermometer so we'll never know for sure. At least I'm not s-i-c-k like poor Max was, I actually have been functioning ok, albeit with a lot of rest. But I don't feel well at all. It's the usual mom-level of illness that makes you feel like @#$ but not ill enough to spend the day in bed and relegate childcare to someone else.

I will try to watch some the debate tonight, but might wind up falling asleep.