Waterless Laundry Day

How did I manage to spend all day managing laundry without washing a single load? I sorted clean clothes.

First of all, our clean baskets were overflowing since I have just been doing the minimum for the past few weeks (just washing and drying, without folding and putting away). So I needed to empty them so I could fill them with current laundry. My basket was easy, so I did that first. T was too busy to put away his own clothes (he has a release deadline at the end of the week, as well as his concert Thursday, plus he's still sick). So I decided to put T's clothes away for him. Which is when I saw that he had seemingly every item he owned rammed into his armoire. Good grief, no wonder he doesn't even try to keep his clothes unwrinkled. So I packed up all his short-sleeved shirts for the season, and the situation in the armoire was much-improved.

Next I moved on to W's basket. I have been having a hard time finding cool-weather clothes that fit him, so I decided to pack up all HIS summer clothes, too. It took me a while to find the 2T and 3T summer boxes, but I eventually located them and filled them right up. He started the summer wearing 2T, but grew into the 3Ts over the months. When I pulled out the 3T winter box I was pleasantly surprised to find a handful of new sweaters. I think he got them as gifts last year and everyone guessed up on the size. I'm glad he will get a chance to wear them now!

But it's no wonder that I've been having a hard time finding things to fit W-- compared to the 2T stash of clothes, I have far fewer 3T items, of course this makes sense since he hasn't been in 3T during cold weather yet. Nevertheless, I located enough outfits for him to have something to wear every day of the week, so he'll be literally covered until I shop for some new stuff.

I am still sick, so I had to lie down and rest between baskets, so I did not get to Max's clothes. He is the problem child now, size-wise. He had a growth spurt, so his arms are too long for many 12M clothes. But I'm finding that his legs are too short for some of the 18M clothes. So I think my plan is to just get out all the winter clothes in everything from a 12M and up, and trying them on him. If it's already too small, I'll put it back in the box, if it's too big I'll do the same, but I'll need to keep that box handy for the next growth spurt. I won't know if I have a clothes shortage for him until I go through that exercise. W differs from M seasonally in his sizing, so there is a chance I'll have to shop for M, too. But I suspect I'll find plenty, once I sort out pants and shirts in the right lengths for him