I Need to Exercise

You know I'm in bad shape when I actually think that I need to exercise. I'm not one of those people who feel "good" when they exercise. I was born with some kind of skin thing that makes me turn beet red if I sweat in the slightest bit of heat. Just sitting around in the heat is fine.

I think my sweat glands developed for the Vermont climate. I base this on scientific studies that followed researchers who worked in tropical environments whose bodies never really adjusted to the heat and they too would get flushed, sweaty, and overheated. However, their children that were born and raised in the tropical environments tolerated the heat like natives. Further investigation showed that sweat glands develop in children during their first two years of life, and they develop to tolerate their climate. But then that's it. They don't develop any further in life as the child ages. And since I spent my first two years in Vermont, I think I only got enough sweat glands to handle 65F summers. So I'm quite comfortable in VA winters. . .

Anyway, that's part of the reason I don't like to exercise--if I exercise out in the fresh air during warm weather I turn an alarming shade of red that is most unattractive. The other reason I dislike exercise is because I am lazy.

But today I took a brisk walk to the mailbox to ensure a birthday card got out in today's mail. Sure, it's 86F and humid as all get-out, but I really ought to be able to walk to the mailbox and back without getting winded.