Day TWELVE of Being Sick

Good grief. I am getting flashbacks from two years ago, when I was sick pretty much from September through New Year's. I blamed it on being pregnant, but now I have no such excuse for not getting better.

T is leaving town early Monday morning for a week, so we'll drive out to Richmond tomorrow night. So that precludes me going to the doctor on Monday. But I have a sitter for Wednesday afternoon so I guess I'll make an appointment for then, presuming I don't feel better before that.

I feel totally dehydrated (still waking up every hour or two overnight), but I'm trying to just drink and drink lots of water but I don't feel refreshed I just have to go to the bathroom a lot. At least I don't feel so sick I can't take care of the kids (and I did finish the taxes, so at least that's out of the way), but I don't feel well enough to go out. T and I tried to go out to dinner last night, but I was coughing so much in the car we gave up on that and just sent the sitter home after we ate our carryout in the dining room. Sigh.

At least with T's concert done, and the taxes done, there is little left to do before Christmas. I guess catch up on W's preschool-- I have been pretty slack about it since falling ill at the beginning of this month. Although I do remember the last letter I did with him was "D" and he did a very good job of thinking of lots of "d" words.

T finished his programming this morning, and has been out with the boys all afternoon so I could finish the tax returns. Another year with 0% effective tax rate. We really have shockingly little income coming in with the interest rates so low. Plus what little we owed was wiped out with a "child tax credit". It strikes me as pretty dumb to just give up tax revenue because someone has kids. While I don't think rates should be higher on high-income individuals (and by extension, pass-through businesses), I do think a lot of deductions should be eliminated. If tax rates weren't so high, families wouldn't need deductions to pay for normal things. Nor would the economics get skewed based on tax-incentives.

While it's fine and dandy for Warren Buffet and his millionaire-club to lobby for more taxes on the rich, it's really a small club, just 1% of the population, right? Where is the hue and cry from the other 99% who want to pay THEIR fair share? I think it's ludicrous that we get a tax credit for having kids. We require MORE government services now, not LESS than we did pre-kids. So we should be paying MORE, right? Eh, will we ever see the income tax abolished and a consumption tax in place in my lifetime? I certainly hope so, but I couldn't predict when it would happen.