It's Bronchitis

I called the doctor last night intending to make an appointment for Wednesday when I've got a sitter, but they said they had an opening yesterday at 5:40pm, so I went ahead and took it. They took us back to an exam room right away, but it was 30 minutes later that a doctor finally showed up. I had both boys with me, and M was fine, but poor W was terribly and visibly nervous the whole time. I assured him that no one was going to get any shots, and the doctor wouldn't even touch him. When the doctor finally showed up, he pretty quickly diagnosed me with bronchitis. He said my throat and ears looked fine, which was a good thing. He called in my prescription and I picked it up this afternoon during our regular weekly shopping trip.

I was still woozy all day today and had to lie down for an hour at nap time, but fortunately both boys cooperated and let me rest by playing quietly in the room with me. I had enough energy after that to take them outside to play in the afternoon. I took the first antibiotic immediately after I got the pills, and already my cough is diminished. Hopefully I'll get my energy back if not tomorrow then hopefully the next day.