Not As Productive As Expected

I had big plans to get a number of administrative things done while our sitter was watching the kids this afternoon.

Instead, I slept hard for over two hours. I was O-U-T. And afterwards, I still wasn't full of energy or anything. Still weak and woozy. So I abandoned plans for my more ambitious paperwork projects, and settled for a little online shopping.

I have a photographer scheduled to take a family photo in mid-November. We haven't had one done since Max was born, and we'd like the update. So I ordered two matching jackets for the boys to wear. I'm not sure what T and I will wear, but I'll start with the boys. I might knit them coordinating caps. The doctor said I should be feeling better within a few days of starting antibiotics.

T called while I was napping, so I haven't had a chance to find out how his business meetings have been going, he's been busy the past three days. Hopefully, I'll get to talk to him this evening once the kids are in bed. He'll be back in our time zone so that will make it much easier to connect.