Band Poster

T asked me to make a band poster for his band's upcoming gig. I had actually been giving some thought to a band logo, so I agreed, and figured I'd just blow up the logo to take up the page.

But what I have been finding lately (meaning the past few years) is that even if I have a well-defined image in my head, I am having a hard time getting it out and onto paper. I tried multiple times, in multiple genres to get the Sun Cat Farm logo done, but it has been inexplicably difficult to make it look remotely like it exists in my imagination. So too with the band logo. I quickly determined that it would take days to get that looking like I wanted, not an hour.

So I came up with another idea. One that used an ancient illustration (which is presumably no longer copyright protected) for the main image. Onto which I slapped an electric guitar so people would know what kind of music Liz Fitz Darcy plays. It is not my best work (don't look too closely!) but I am definitely happy with what I came up with in an hour. It's part of my ongoing battle against the ADD perfectionist tendencies, where the perfect really is the enemy of the good. Because good-enough-in-one-hour will allow the poster to be printed tomorrow and in the coffee shop window where people can actually get the information and plan on attending if they are interested. Versus a killer logo that might not get done for months because it would take me 12+ hours and I can only work on it about 1 hour in the evening before I get tired and then only days that I have the energy to do even that.