Craft Deprivation?

Earlier this week, T accused me of depriving my children (mostly W) of crafts. He said W was "craft-deprived" under my tutelage. Seriously?! Is craft-deprivation something I need to worry about? My initial thought was, "give me a $&@$ break, the kid is three." But I didn't say it. I have been doing some research to determine if I should bother getting the kids' flu shots/flu mist (verdict is yes), not researching advanced techniques in glue-stick. Nevertheless, this week we blew off the alphabet and did crafts. Now, in many preschools I presume they get BOTH the alphabet AND crafts. But there is a limit to what I can cover in the fifteen minutes or less that is W's attention span.

Yesterday I cut out some pumpkin shapes in orange, and eyes and mouth shapes in black, and let W glue them on himself. He made some charming choicest hat would not have occurred to me. Today, T took the boys outside this morning, and came back with a bucket of acorns. W declared that he wanted to make a craft with them. I vaguely recalled seeing an acorn wreath on Pinterest, so we made that.

Good grief, it's nearly 9 pm and T has failed at bedtime and come in requesting assistance. Maybe I'll have time to upload photos of our projects tomorrow. . .