My Driveway Elevation

In an effort to quantify exactly how out-of-shape I am, I figured out what was involved in walking to the mailbox and back.

First of all, per the measuring tool on the National Map Seamless Server, I walk 1,246 feet to my mailbox. That's .236 miles. I knew my mailbox was about 1/4 mile away, but I forgot that that meant I effectively get 1/2 mile (.472 miles) of walking exercise when I make the round-trip. I'm feeling less pathetic already.

On the way to the mailbox, over the course of those 1,246 feet, I walk vertically down 32 feet, then up 45 feet, then down 5 feet. So coming back I reverse that and walk up 5 feet, down 45 feet, then up 32 feet.

I found a statistic that said walking a steep grade of 30% is more than twice as demanding as walking up a grade of 15%. I guess I'll have to measure segment distances to figure out what grades I'm walking.