One Child Sleeping Through the Storm

T and I put off storm preparations until this morning, so our house was abuzz with non-routine activity. Which made the boys all riled up, being off their routine they knew something was up. I kept looking for an opportunity to take them outside for even a little while, but it's been raining lightly pretty much nonstop all day. Neither one napped, so that at least bodes well for them sleeping through the storm tonight. M is already out, and hopefully T will get W down by 8pm.

We still have power, although both power and Internet have been flickering intermittently since late afternoon. Now that M is asleep, perhaps I'll round up some candles and matches to keep upstairs in case we're up here when (if?) the power goes.

The wind is gusting pretty fierce now, but it's nothing like the sustained winds we got during the derecho. This feels pretty much like every other hurricane that has passed through. At this point I do expect to lose power tonight, but most of the time it's back on within 24 hours, so I'm hoping that so many trees came down in June that there are not many left to take down wires this time around.

I guess I'll log off and go I'll fill a tub with water and get some candles ready. And if T gets W asleep soon hopefully we can watch some TV so I won't have to just sit in the dark listening to the wind howling outside. Nearly all of January and February we get high winds at night (40 mph gusts) so I'm used to it and rarely does anything blow into the house, but I still don't *like* it.