Happy Halloween!

Max is adorable in his monkey suit, isn't he? We were only on the Lawn about 45 minutes, but he was stopped dozens of times for photos. On our way out, an older woman who witnessed the Halloween paparazzi also asked to take a photo, and mentioned that he must be in so many pictures already. I said yes, and that it was ironic since I couldn't find my camera so I wouldn't be able to see any of them. Then she offered to take one of the both of us and email it to me, bless her heart. I am grateful for the kindness, no one else offered (then again, I didn't shamelessly bait anyone else, either).

Will did not accompany us today. He had been misbehaving all afternoon, and I was on the fence about taking him out to begin with. But then when we went to put his costume on, he threw a major fit. So I gave up. I gave T the option of going out with M or minding W, and he chose to stay home with W. Who wound up having a nice afternoon restringing T's guitar. Honestly, I was going to blow off Halloween this year totally (W has been saying he "doesn't like Halloween so much, I only want lollipops from Sam's Club") since M is too young to remember whether he went at 16 months old or not. But when T pulled out the monkey suit I *had* to see if it fit, and when it did, that kind of sealed the deal for baby Max. It might be the only couture costume these boys will see. I remember little about sewing it except that it took *forever* and at the time I doubted I'd ever sew another. That part I remember, which I suppose is the pertinent part.

When we got home, of course W was keenly interested in M's candy. Luckily for W, there was candy that M is too much of a choking hazard for M, so he got some Milk Duds. And then after a few minutes came to me and with a muffled voice said, "Mom, could you get these out of my teeth for me?" For the record, no, I would not. T instructed him on the fine art of getting chewy candy unstuck with your tongue. It amazes me every day the knowledge that we as adults take for granted that kids must learn.