Found My Fitbit!

I've been moping around since Halloween night, since I thought I lost my fitbit forever somewhere on the UVA grounds. I remember clipping it to the pocket of my jeans before going out, but when I got home it was not there.

But today, when I put on a pair of pants that were hanging in my closet, there was my fitbit attached to the pocket! I remembered clipping the fitbit there, but I forgot that I changed my mind about which pants looked best with my houndstooth jacket and changed.

I continue to look for my camera. I found the charger that that the kids had misplaced just in time for me to need it to record T's concert here at the house. But sometime since 10/17 I've misplaced the camera itself. I've looked everywhere and am at a loss as to where it might be. My guess is that one of my kids picked it up and put it somewhere. A toybox, a backpack, the bottom of a closet that I never use. If they got ahold of it, it really could be ANYWHERE less than 36" in my house. Any closet, any drawer, any container. Behind or under any furniture.

I am charging up my OLD camera right now, so I'll get video of T's concert tonight at the Mudhouse. But I really would like to find my NEW camera...