Speaking My Mind

I did not stay up very late waiting for election results, since I presumed it would take forever with a close race. But I guess it wasn't terribly close electoral-wise-- nevertheless I didn't know that when I went to bed. So when I woke up and saw that we have another four years of Obama I was bummed out. T didn't care so much, and tried to cheer me up. He figured Obama would win all along, and besides, he'd prefer the way to be clear for Gov. Christie in four years, whom he likes better than Romney.

Then on Facebook I didn't really mind all the posts by people happy Obama won, of course it's nice when your guy wins. But I did get annoyed by the posts, "A Victory for Women!". I went ahead and posted an incendiary comment that it's not so great for the 400,000+ girls who are killed by their own mothers. One friend thought I must be thinking of China and India. Nope. Right here in the USA, over 850,000 abortions are reported to the CDC per year, and I figured 400,000 or more were girls, that's all.

I knew the comment might get me "unfriended" or blocked by people, but I really don't care. The thought of all those innocent children being created and then executed in the womb really makes me ill. They deserve better than that. Luckily, I had several people publicly support my opinion, and only one bothered to oppose online and call me heartless and without compassion for less-fortunate women.

I don't feel a lack of compassion for women who can't handle raising a child. To the contrary, I see a lack of stigma attached to single-motherhood (not that it is easy, but it doesn't seem as life-ruining as it may have been in the 1950s), and sincerely hope that a commensurate lack in stigma to putting your children up for adoption follows in this country. There are many reasons a woman might not be able to raise a child. But killing the child to ease the burden on the mother is not the solution our society should accept, either before or after the children are born. Having been pregnant myself, I can't see for most women how carrying a child to term is a life-ruining event. It's a physical inconvenience for a few months, and then you're done. It's the keeping of the baby that is the life-altering event.

There are many women out there going through IVF and other procedures because it is so difficult, expensive, and unpredictable to adopt. If there was less stigma attached to giving children up, even praise to the women who make the humane and compassionate decision to let their babies live but allow them to live in a more hospitable family environment than they might be able to provide, I think the world would be a better place. Don't blame women for getting pregnant accidentally, it happens. But praise them for giving life where none existed before, and welcoming their children into society. Already, no one talks about "bastard" children born out of wedlock anymore, who can tell with children from multiple marriages or cohabiations or whatever all living under the same roof nowadays anyway. So with such open-mindedness, is it too much to hope that women who are pregnant but give their children up at birth might not be whispered about in the future?